West Coast Underground Hip Hop & Chicano Rap fans have been waiting for years to see two of their favorite artists, The Psycho Realm and Conejo, team up for a tour. And finally, their wishes have been granted.

Sick Jacken, the frontman of the legendary group Psycho Realm, has been a fixture in the underground for decades. With his distinctive flow and politically charged lyrics, he has earned a loyal following among fans aka psychos of the genre. Conejo is known for his gritty street tales and hard-hitting rhymes that speak to the realities of life in the barrios of Los Angeles.

Many have been following the careers of Sick Jacken and Conejo for years, and have been eagerly anticipating the day when they would team up for some shows together. Mark your calendars because this is a rarity. The Psycho Realm and Conejo will be hitting Bakersfield and Lancaster in July, and San Diego in August. Tickets available on TicketWeb.com.