A few figures stand as tall in Hip Hop as Billy Danze, one half of the iconic M.O.P. With a career spanning over three decades, Danze has earned every accolade thrown his way, from “legend” to “G.O.A.T.” His latest single, “The Fix,” featuring Lady Lee and produced by TooBusy, serves as a potent reminder of his enduring relevance. In this track, Danze confronts societal issues with unapologetic lyricism, challenging the status quo of a genre saturated with superficiality. Yet, “The Fix” is merely a taste of what’s to come with Danze’s forthcoming release, ‘The Answer,’ which promises to delve even deeper into both the artist and the man behind the music. As anticipation builds, Danze’s unwavering passion and authenticity continue to solidify his status as a Marvel hero of Hip Hop, leaving listeners eager for more.