Debuting solo artist MAR has just recently unveiled her very first single, “QUÉDATE.” A truly talented soul, MAR has been honing her musical skills since the age of six and her new track “QUÉDATE” is a testament to the astonishing maturity she has reached despite being a 21-year old artist.

MAR’s debut single, “QUÉDATE,” meaning “Stay” in English, offers a sophisticated fusion of genres,   

the ideal sonic structure for the talented soul to deploy her hypnotic vocals throughout. Upbeat yet atmospheric, the game of contrasts works to perfection, setting a solid foundation for everything coming next for the artist called by many the next Latin-pop queen. 

Dropped right in time to rock the summer season’s dancefloors and beaches, “QUÉDATE” is clearly set to appeal to the masses and skyrocket the charismatic MAR’s popularity across the globe. 

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