Central California’s finest, Fresno’s MC WICKS, is back again with another classic lyrical masterpiece, Infinite Power, the follow-up to his previous project Internal Healing. All tracks are produced by his longtime collaborator Borkner Park (Vivid Visions). This is Mc Wicks’ 17th album. In this latest 14-track album, Wicks once again showcases his lyrical-raw storytelling ability and vivid wordplay.

Wicks is no stranger to being a lyrical beast on the mic, since his debut, Never Had a Dolla (2014). Wicks has proved that he’s hip-hop’s next greatest. Straight out of Fresno, Wicks follows in the footsteps of natives such as Fashawn and Planet Asia.

The album title is based on Wicks’ late father, Frank, a respected Yaqui Native within his community. The knowledge and wisdom passed down from him inspired Wicks to bring this album to life. The artwork features a portrait of Frank, with a background inspired by Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power.

The intro track, Never Forgotten, starts off with Wicks’ raw lyrical wordplay, emphasizing that he’ll remain relevant regardless of his presence. Cosmos elaborates on his vivid storytelling and intellectual punchlines, using scientific metaphors to boast his bragging rights from another universe, with the rest unable to keep up. Alongside, That Guy reaffirms his status as the best. Leading towards tracks like “Ready for War,” the sole feature with A-F-R-O, “Rock Star,” and “On and On,” Wicks strikes with his renowned hardcore boom bap sound.

Sore: 9/10

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