Toronto-based rapper-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Mighton, better known as Midnight Mights, recently dropped a collection of 8 hypnotizing bops, the album Smile For The Cam, alongside a music video for the 2nd track of the album titled “Jack Frost.”

Whether “Jack Frost” or the other song, Smile For The Cam is a radio-ready record, a daydream of positivity and cool vibes. Midnight Mights proves his eclecticism as an artist, challenging the status quo by mixing-up many genres when making his music. 

After “Nobody,” “Someone New” and “Memories,” Smile For The Cam is Midnight Mights’ latest sonic proof that his happy and inspirational kind of art is what we all need right now, taking into account the painful year we have all gone through since the start of the global pandemic. If you’re in need of a high dose of motivation, make sure to stream Smile For The Cam below: