Detroit emcee Mvck Nyce of the Umbrella collective picking up where the predecessor left off almost 11 months ago with his sophomore LP. Emerging in 2018 off the full-length debut InMyDarkestHour, he has since continued to turn heads by continuing to release a couple EPs Supernyce & Lord Be Whit Me along with the Circa ‘16 compilation more recently as the 1-year anniversary of that approaches next month to be exact. I was also anticipating Nyce to Meet You considering some of Mvck’s recent features for Bizarre of prior D12 fame, Dango Forlaine or even his Umbrella brethren Mickey Diamond, Substance810 & Snotty.

“Master” is a morbid boom bap opener calling anyone to try to master his style whereas “Hockeytown” explains that this the type of shit that gets motherfuckers icy over a rugged instrumental. “Ghetto Gold” works in more kicks & snares with this eerie backdrop boasting that these try-hards can’t even fuck with him or his set leading into “Professionals” going for a solemn boom bap vibe grinding all night long until the sun comes up & calling out those sounding unconfident in their raps.

The aptly titled “Hound Flow” has a mellower sound admitting that he’s feeling like he’s back just before “Fully Automatic” brings the kicks & snares back in the picture talking about getting with it or getting lost at the end of the day. “Yesterday” flips a gospel sample confessing he doesn’t know where to go even though he did his thing & made his lane, but then the instrumentally dejecting “Cups & Carats” talks about how many want to calm him down.

“Dirty” begins the encore of the album by telling y’all to shut the fuck up & sit the fuck back over a dusty ass beat while the jazzy “Gotham Nights” talking about the fact that everybody tryna be a hero. The eerie boom bap closer “Me Against the World” properly sends off Nyce to Meet You with one of the best songs I’ve ever heard from him passionately rapping that he let his demons out in broad day hoping that it would work.

Considering the 7 year gap between Nyce to Meet You & InMyDarkestHour along with the feature performances that I had mentioned at the beginning, I was highly anticipating to hear how much the Nycest of the Umbrella collective has grown since then & he definitely didn’t pull any stops on that at all here. Unlike that previous compilation, we have a more well thought-out & linear reintroduction from the Detroit emcee to the public eye altogether.

Score: 8/10