Roskamala, a fast-rising  Pop artist who recently released the single “Out Of The Maze,” has embarked on a challenging journey as a bisexual individual who transitioned from being a lesbian at the age of 22. Her path has been far from easy, but it has shaped her into a remarkable person who has touched the lives of many. By fearlessly embracing her personal experiences as someone who often felt different, she boldly defies the constraints imposed by society, delivering a profound message of self-love.

At the age of 14, her connection with her ex-girlfriend was deemed unconventional, discloses the singer-songwriter, acknowledging the hurdles and sense of exclusion she faced due to others’ judgments. Roskamala candidly opens up about the hurt caused by people with staunch opinions about her identity. This struggle extends to the music industry as well, as she sheds light on the arduous battle and immense dedication required to find happiness and embrace her uniqueness.

Taking risks is often deemed unwise. The consequences, be it success or failure, impose immense stress and take a toll on one’s mental well-being, something Roskamala herself grapples with. Tragically, there are individuals who couldn’t withstand the societal pressure and have tragically succumbed to it. Through her single “Out Of The Maze,” she aspires to honor the courageous souls who continue to fight for their convictions and encourages them to embrace their identity with pride.

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