Skilled singer/songwriter Pariz Noir has released her latest genre-defying single, “Save Yourself.” 

Stylistically intriguing with a slow feel that makes it really groovy and enjoyable, “Save Yourself” fits the dark R&B style she has been known for excelling at. Her sultry vocals paired with the ideal instrumentals give the song an addictive groove that will resonate with the community of R&B lovers and even beyond, thanks to its mellow and simple structure. 

Lyrically dramatic, “Save Yourself” is truly the kind of song anyone can relate to, especially women since Pariz Noir  talks about a failed romance with another woman. Pariz Noir’s skills are on full display with this single. She also put her own spin on a R&B-influenced song that she executed beautifully. The perfect post breakup banger for anyone in need of expressing their emotions before moving forward, “Save Yourself” is an epic track that follows-up on Noir’s latest releases, “Las Olas” and “Lust.”