Recently female artists are more confidently taking their spot in hip-hop. Some master what their male counterparts have done for ages; some breathe fresh air into the well-known industry. The artist calling herself Priceless Scott is not new to the urban game, but her recent release EP Pressure Makes Diamonds makes us believe she can be the next phenomenon of the hip-hop world. The 18-minutes that she provides in the EP are full of natural-born talent, utmost passion, infinite hard work, devotion to the craft, and empowering energy that steals and captures the attention unapologetically. 

No wonder her music is so close to the genre’s roots. She is heavily inspired by OG creators like Biggie, Tupac, and Mary J. Blige, and other legends from the ’90s. Even though her music and approach hold the old school spirit, her beats, lyricism and themes are definitely very fresh and modern. She brings her own style into the renowned genre and claims her vision. Her boldness and professionalism deserve appraisal, while her music and talent are inspiring.