Detroit emcee Bizarre originally the now defunct D12 led by the late Proof surprise-releasing his 3rd EP a day in advance. Amongst the first in the crew to put out a solo effort with his 1998 debut EP Attack of the Weirdos which is a hometown classic to me, the idiotic kid followed it up 7 years later with a worthy full-length debut Hannicap Circus & has continued to put out music on his own since. However, his last couple albums He Got a Gun along with it’s sequel produced by Foul Mouth have become his most acclaimed solo material since Attack of the Weirdos & Hannicap Circus. So when Biz started teasing Ratt Poison, I didn’t expect anything to be below the mark those previous LPs had set.

“Count on Me” is a soulful boom bap opener with some jazzy undertones talking about hitting your block with 100 of his homies with dynamite powerful enough to kill J.J. Walker himself whereas “Uncle” takes a more rugged approach instrumentally talking about being homicidal & looking to air out his enemies. “Heebee Jeebeez” works in some ominous piano chords as well as more kicks & snares asking if you can feel the griminess prior to “Kodak” giving off straight up horror movie vibes with the beat talking about being a drug addict.

To officially start the encore of Ratt Poison, “Potty Mouth” gets on his disgusting shit over a dusty ass instrumental while the unhinged “G.E.D.” admits to being stupid & that he chose thuggin’ over a degree. Finally, the title track featuring Young Zee of the Outsidaz collective whom both Bizarre AND Eminem were once members of from the late 90’s to early 2000s finds the 2 over 1 last boom bap beat with these chilling piano chords woven in spitting lethal hardcore bars for a couple minutes.

Pill God in the summer of 2018 was the last time to my knowledge than I can recall Peter S. putting out an EP & I feel like that was to coincide with the 20 year anniversary of Attack of the Weirdos, which Pill God just didn’t hold a candle to in terms of quality. Ratt Poison on the other hand continues the trajectory that He Got a Gun & He Got a Gun 2 headed towards. Foul’s production is consistently raw & continues to prove as a great match for Bizarre’s improved lyricism.

Score: 8/10