Hallelujah. a heatwave has finally come and we’re drowning in fire this time!

Ravishing new artist, Samual Cochrane, recently dropped his debut album ‘Drowning In Fire’, a fusion of soft hymns, pop, some electronic, soulful jams where he flexes his lyrical muscle.

Samual Cochrane, singer/ songwriter from Australia was fond of music starting from a very young age when he became fascinated with his dad’s antique albums.

samual cochrane

Anyone who exposes him or herself to the album will find how closely relatable the tracks are to their very own lived experiences. Cochrane’s music has a deep connection with the brain, and is intrinsically meaningful to humanity as a race. Listeners thrive off the instrumental influences that create a sense of unity as well as the emotional aspects to his tracks. 

His ultimate goal with the new album was to bring the purpose of expression one’s self and in connecting with their deeper self.

He’s reportedly working on a new album and a lineup of new singles are set to drop this year.

Stream Drowning In Fire on Spotify: