Pittsburgh’s own See-Money is making waves at just 14 years old, distinguishing himself in the bustling indie rap scene with his latest track, “Silent”. Following his previous hit “357!”, which amassed an impressive 300,000 plays on SoundCloud shortly after release, See-Money’s trajectory in the music world is sharply ascending.

Drawing on the storytelling prowess of legends like Notorious B.I.G and Tupac, “Silent” is a deep dive into his personal experiences, articulated through a raw and reflective lyrical style. This young artist’s upbringing in Pittsburgh colors his music, blending traditional hip-hop sensibilities with his own innovative flair.

Music runs in his family—his parents, Cold Ca$e and Mean $treak, and younger brother, Baby Gangsta, are all part of the IRA Family. This collective enriches his music, providing a supportive backdrop for his creative processes. See-Money not only writes and performs his lyrics but also takes charge of the production, a rare feat that highlights his dedication and skill.

Available now for streaming, “Silent” is more than just a song; it’s an invitation to witness the evolution of a young artist who embodies the future of hip-hop, making each track a personal stamp on the industry.