Sule is a 29 year old emcee from Hackensack, New Jersey whom Benny the Butcher signed to Black Soprano Family Records at the end of 2022 after putting out 7 EPs over the course of a decade. He’s also notable for his guest verse on the Biggest Since Camby closing track “White Lives Matter” produced by Havoc formerly of Mobb Deep, which was one of my favorites off that LP last spring. However, he’s releasing his first official body of work through B$F in the form of his 8th EP clocking in at 24 & a half minutes long as well as 9 tracks.

“Tommy Bundy” begins with a sample-laced boom bap instrumental from Nyckles & Harlem Zone who did the majority of the EP likening himself to the late DMX’s titular character in Hype Williams’ directional debut Belly whereas “Made for It” featuring Benny works in more kicks & snares with an symphonic flip asking if you were built for this shit if you got it but lost it. “Courtesy Inn” brings some pianos into the fold talking about his mother never having to worry ever again just before the jazzy “Jodie” tells the tragic story of the titular character.

Fuego Base & Inspectah Deck of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan comes into the picture for “Wu-Sopranos” returning to the boom bap bringing it to y’all raw lyrically, but then “Crown Vic” featuring The Hoodies finds the trio keeps it grimy flexing their powerhouse statuses. “If a Brick Could Talk” has an eerier boom bap atmosphere detailing the hustler lifestyle while “Y.N.G.A.W. (Young N****s Got a Wave)” makes a 180° with its trap beat & boisterous lyrics. “Marlo Scamfield” ends the EP with kicks, snares & a shimmery loop referencing the character from The Wire.

Black Soprano Family is constantly putting on their ever-growing roster & Written on Wides Corner completely takes Sule to a new level, as it’s by far the best thing he’s put out to date. I think the production here mostly grounded in the traditional boom bap sound with trap undertones is stronger compared to his previous material, it has a short yet solid guest list & the Hackensack emcee sets out to make his hometown a landmark.

Score: 8/10