With a uniquely appealing 90’s pop craftsmanship, Suns Of July are making a highly noticed contribution to the anti-bullying cause with the drop of their latest single and music video entitled “Beautiful You Are”. Covered in major Canadian and International press, this anti-bullying anthem is the outcome of the trio’s fascinating creativity and dedication to this crucial cause, and a direct translation of the band leader’s experience during childhood, as Kosta Dimos was bullied during his schooling years. 

The Toronto-based band is moving fast and stronger than ever, inspired by this cause very dear to their heart, and their project seems to be catching significant attention and positively impact the thousands of children, teachers, and the educational body as a whole. Although the Coronavirus is taking the world by storm, let’s not forget the other major issues our society is still facing, and anti-bullying is surely one of the most important one out of them all!