Sunset Capone created a brand new single, a poignant song titled “Heart”.  The song opens up with Capone’s magical vocals singing:

I can tell if you real or not, 
I can tell if you had to deal or not,
One look in your eyes I can steal your thoughts,
But you can’t do the same because I steel my thoughts,
Reveal my thoughts,
Been through so much pain I can’t feel my heart,
I can’t feel my heart…

“Heart: is truly an ear candy soon-to-be classic pop hybrid track, a high-octane banger home to some memorable lines. Perfectly mastered, Sunset Capone’s deliveries enter the soul instantaneously and shake us to the core, every single time we press play. If Capone continues to release such standout turn-up tracks, it is certain he will become a star in no time.