The Inner Realmz are a production duo from Los Angeles, California consisting of Masta Cypher Devine & Goomson. Since the beginning of the current decade, they’ve been making waves in the west coast underground scene off their first 2 beat tapes SP 1000 and Build & Destroy followed by Low End Wizards as well as it’s sequel & Digital Chains. Goomson so happened to team up with Broke last summer for a collaborative beat tape Heavy Wreck displaying Broke’s talents behind the boards for Side A & of course Goomson on Side B except for Masta Cypher Devine doing the closer. I was however interested in their 6th beat tape since I personally found the cover art to be reminiscent of black metal music.

“Digest Culture” sets the tone of what’s to come with a 47 second spoken word intro accompanied by kicks & snares whereas “Cymatics” works in some pianos whilst keeping it dusty with the drum patterns. “Recognize Absence” mixes funk & boom bap together with a prominent flute also but after the “Therapeutics” skit, “Mighty Healthy” starts by weaving these summery guitar licks ahead of the kicks & snares coming in later on.

After the “Emulators” interlude blending spoken word & keys, “Pantheon” returns to the boom bap keeping the pianos untouched while “Neural Dust” gives off more of a hypnotically raw vibe generally. “Renowned” finishes the first half of the tape with some masterful pianism just before “Aspersion” adds the kicks & snares in the picture again that when I hear, I can’t help imagine a rainy day in Times Square or any other big city.

“Desirous” starts with a vocal intro from Guru from one of the greatest duos in the history of hip hop culture Gang Starr until we get another boom bap beat except the tone of the chords set off a somber atmosphere leading into “Radio Silence!” taking a darker, eerier turn aesthetically as the kicks & snares remain in tact. The keys on “Daily Commute” seem a tidbit peppier ahead of the downbeat/upbeat drums while “Back to Source” turns the jazz influences back up significantly.

After the “Imitators” skit, “Vesica Piscis” is another piano/boom bap crossover while “Ruggedness & Knowledge” has to be one of my favorites on the whole tape. Especially the 4-start count reminiscent of my favorite production duo of all-time The Neptunes, who unfortunately are at the opposite ends of one another over the trademark of the very name Pharrell & Chad Hugo are known as. Even the closing track “3rd Eye Spies” is a standout concluding Omnipotent aggressively.

Said it when I reviewed Stretch Money’s new EP To the West…with Love few weeks ago & I’ll say it again right now: Los Angeles will always be my 2nd homie since I myself am from Detroit & I gotta say that The Inner Realmz have a promising future as an unstoppable production duo in the underground. Each track masterfully selected and arranged jazz samples sends the brain on a mellow, trippy journey down memory lane with each hiss & crackle.

Score: 8/10