The Keepaz of the Krypt are a horrorcore duo consisting of Ohio emcee Kapital Z as well as Alabama pro-wrestler, MC, producer, actor, graphic designer, video editor & director One Man Kru. The latter of whom formed the group alongside Suburban KorpsE & they dropped 3 albums in the mid-2000s with KrucifeR following it up by dropping a solo EP shortly after & eventually 2 full-lengths of his own before becoming an in-house producer for the Insane Clown Posse’s label that runs beneath the streets Psychopathic Records since the “Bewitching” intro of the critically panned Yum Yum’s Lure EP preluding the 5th Joker’s Card of the 2nd Deck Yum Yum Bedlam although he first met Violent J in 2011 when he wrestled a dark match at the Legends & Icons show that JCW produced at the 12th annual Gathering of the Juggalos. But after a falling out with the Duke due to unpaid royalties, the One Man Kru is putting the batch of beats that he had made during the Yum Yum Bedlam sessions to use by bringing The Great Zambini on board for the Krypt Keepaz’ 4th full-length outing & their first in 16 years.

After the Tommy Chong intro, the title track is an aggressive trap opener properly introducing the titular character prior to “Gluttony” pulls together a chilling backdrop & some hi-hats talking about the first of the 7 deadly sins. The Psychopathic MonStar himself Lyte stops by on the shimmering trap anthem “Smoke ‘Til I Die” for a quick dedication to all the stoners out there with even a fresh ass “2nd-Hand Smoke” reference at the end of the final verse, but then Blaze Ya Dead Homie pops out for “Greed” with it’s carnivalesque instrumental & the lyrics about always needing more than they actually require.

Meanwhile on “I Gotta”, we have the Keepaz of the Krypt with the demented duo Twiztid discussing everything they have such as good dope as well as more foes than friends & a ton of bands as the beat blends trap & g-funk just before “Sloth” tells the difference between those who sit on their ass all day & risk-takers over some hi-hats & icy synths. Original krypt keepa Suburban KorpsE returns accompanied by the hatchet warrior Anybody Killa for the monstrous “Dope It Up” giving advice to those who think their lives such just before “Lust” with The R.O.C. is a chime/trap hybrid about fucking.

“Envy” has a more mystic sound asking if anyone out there happens to be jealous of them while the subject matter of “Hater Killer” with Boondox & LB Sickening calls back to the highlight closer “Death of a Hater” off Turncoat Dirty’s sophomore album Krimson Creek with the production meshing trap & g-funk yet again except with the keys thrown in. “Pride” weaves some hi-hats, strings & bells together addressing the wack MCs who can’t cope with their freshness while “Bow Down” with The Jokerr finds the trio wickedly encouraging the stale to acknowledge their greatness.

The final leg of the album starts off with “Wrath” eerily & vividly describing what happens to those that trespass while the song “N.B.K. (Natural Born Killers)” follows it up with a morbidly raw trap heater about them, the Dark Hill Gang & G-Mo Skee describing their violent tendencies with G-Mo unsurprisingly saving the best verse for last parodying Ice Cube on the titular song he did with Dr. Dre off the Murder Was the Case soundtrack. I also loved the Paul Bearer & Kane references. The penultimate track “Sick in the Head” with Str8jaket gives off a more apprehensive vibe talking about how crazy they are with the One Man Kru dissing Violent J during his verse & “Going to the Gathering” with former Dark Lotus member Marz surprisingly closes the album with a fun ode to Shangri-La on Earth.

Ever since Psychopathic & MNE severed ties with one another over 6 years ago by now, I know that there’s quite a bit of drama & toxicity within the juggalo realm with fans picking sides. However, I’ll always continue to support both sides strictly for the music as I too know what it’s like to be misunderstood & an outcast which is why I’ll always defend juggalos & could give a fuck about the drama. That being said: the loyalists on Facebook that I saw were quick to compare these guys to King Krimzon or Krimzon X or whatever the fuck moniker that talentless loser goes by now don’t know shit about the Keepaz of the Krypt because their first album in over 16 years is the best they’ve sounded. The feature list is mostly consistent, the concept of the 7 deadly sins is captivating & you can really hear how much KrucifeR’s production game has evolved since the group first emerged.

Score: 7/10