Talking about his new collaboration with Foogiano titled “Lord Have Mercy,” Losk33 shared, “It was a gift from God. Immediately after hearing the instrumental, something came over me. Ran through it a few more times, put pen to paper, and the rest is history.” Truly, the rest is history as “Lord Have Mercy” is genuinely one of the best sounding hip-hop drops we’ve had the pleasure to listen to as 2020 eneded. Losk33 considers his rap genre to be “Testimonial Turnup.” The style is quite vividly evident in his solo works. 

In the recent joint with Foogiano, the artist still manages to demonstrate his signature style while perfectly matching Foogiano’s style and creating the right rhythm for both of them. Losk33’s lyricism is a mixture of street stories delivered poetically with sharp wordplays. Hopefully, we will get more from the talented rising artist very soon.