They Liv3 is an underground trio from Milwaukee, Wisconsin consisting of Jaysin Logik, King Relik & Prolifik. All of whom have collaborated with one another extensively since signing to Force 5 Records as solo artists before forming a group together over a year ago & properly introducing themselves as a unit on their eponymous full-length debut. However with the first quarter of 2024 coming to a close on Easter weekend, They Liv3 are linking back up for a debut EP.

“TCOB” begins by hooking up horns, kicks and snares so everyone can go back & forth with each other on the mic whereas “Galvanized” goes rap rock to talk about being the real deal. “Evil Wayz” brings a Memphis trap atmosphere instrumentally to get in their wicked shit bags & after an interlude, “Hollow” featuring Rick Dogg works in these summery guitar passages going where the wind blows while the trap-driven “Killaz” talks about drinking. “Crazy” featuring their deejay Danny Diablo sends off Obey with a 2-minute hardcore jam.

Self-titled was a solid showcasing of They Liv3’s chemistry & Obey continues to further establish themselves as one of the most integrating groups that the Milwaukee hip hop scene has to offer right now. The production goes from boom bap to rap rock, Memphis rap, trap & even a bit of hardcore punk as they all continue to ping off each other impressively just like they did on the debut from 13 months ago.

Score: 8/10