The Return is Tu Forty’s newest LP that shares the artist’s innermost thoughts on a number of topics, including spirituality, motivation, and so much more. Tu Forty is a Florida-based rap and pop artist whose music is quite innovative and always fun to listen to. He launched his career in 2017 with the release of his debut album The Unknown, about which he said: “The Unknown was actually me trying to find myself. I recorded and engineered all my music off both albums, so to see the sound quality change and the vocabulary change including the intellect from The Unknown to The Return sincerely makes me proud of myself! I saw complex growth and an understanding of who I am now to be able to create and produce and deliver The Return!”

The album features songs like “Code”, “Jewel”, “Slitted”, etc., each with a piece of wisdom or revelation found through Tu Forty’s personal experiences and life. Give The Return a listen and share it with friends!