Bill & Isiah are a Detroit hip hop duo consisting of Valid & Stretch Money. Although both of them have already established names for themselves individually in the local hip hop scene at this point, the pair first joined forces a couple years ago on the songs “5 Fingers of Death, “Like This” & even “Sentimental” only a few months back. So considering their past history together, both of them are gonna take it to the next level on their eponymous full-length debut by letting it be known as to who the modern day Bill Laimbeer & Isiah Thomas of the rap game really are.

“‘89 Cadillacs” is a smooth opener you can blast in the whip when driving around late at night welcoming y’all to the Palace whereas “You Know I Like It” dives into soulful turf instrumentally talking about how they love it when people hate them. “Revenge” takes a more melodic, somewhat funkier route making it clear that they will have their vengeance in the end just before “Game Film” shifts gears into a more trap-based sound paying tribute to all the classic 80s movies that raised them.

Meanwhile on “Sentimental”, we have Bill & Isiah incorporating elements of 80s pop into their sound so they continue to get nostalgic about the decade they came up in leading into “The Girls” keeps it funky & brings back the synths to express their taste in women who love to party. “Commentate” almost gives me a J Dilla vibe with the beat as both lyricists give y’all something to talk about, but then “Eastern Conference Finals” provides more of a rap rock flare getting on their battle shit.

The song “Drink with Me” weaves a bluesy guitar in the fold as Valid & Stretch ask the bartender for more shots while the penultimate track “So Divine” comes through with a more shimmery approach talking about starting a fire that can’t be stopped & not wanting to tangle with either one of them. “Like This” however ties things up with a feel good anthem for people to have fun to with some crazy interpolations of the timeless Dr. Dre single “Nuthin’ but a G Thang” featuring Snoop Dogg throughout.

Valid’s been a good friend a mine for a few years now & I’ve heard him talk about this album to me for a few years but now that we finally got it, it proves to me that he & Stretch Money both truly are the Bill & Isiah of hip hop and hopefully they continue to build up their discography as a duo down the road. I like how both of their styles gel so well with one another & it’s cool to hear the production pulling from the sounds of the very decade that’s referenced throughout.

Score: 8/10