Where is Leroy? The Rapper and MC out of Melbourne providing unhinged rhymes about the daily struggle of his life, often with a tongue in cheek attitude, Where is Leroy? Flows over beats reminiscent of old school 90s Hip-Hop with a new school flavour that leaves toes tapping, heads banging and has you constantly questioning “what’s next?” 

Coming in hot for 2023, anger mixed with his god complex is shown in his latest release ‘Filler Bars’ as a retaliation to a hater who said to him “your raps are only filler bars” 

The track starts off with an intense beat and Where is Leroy? aggressive flow immediately captures the listener’s attention. The lyrics are packed with emotion, and wit. You can sense that Where Is Leroy? is here to relay a message: his bars ain’t fillers.

Where is Leroy? uses this criticism as fuel to prove his detractors wrong. He delves into his ow god complex, which adds to the intensity of the song. The song is catchy and serves as a reminder that Where is Leroy? is not to be underestimated.