Wildcard shares his cinematic and chilling new video for “Death Card,” a storytelling-heavy single off his latest album, Western Promises, that also features vocals from frequent collaborator Justin Cohen.

The West Coast emcee serves as the video’s narrator, almost like a ghostly figure who’s weaving the tale that unfolds as the song plays. As Wildcard spits his imagery-heavy lyrics over THNDRTHF’s moody production, the rapper watches over a card game that eventually spills over from mostly friendly to catastrophic for one of the players. We won’t spoil how and why it happens, but it absolutely matches the song’s tension.

The incredibly slick video was shot and edited by Gnarlos Wright from Phobia Films, while Bryan “Goose” Gosline shot additional footage. Together, they capture the high-stakes vibes of “Death Card” with visuals reminiscent of Breaking Bad, especially the scenes centering on the card game.

Check out the visuals and support Western Promises, available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Wildcard’s own Quality Music label.