The up and rising artist Chief Moquiuix is back with another tuneful song titled “Irrational.” Not just any song, but one that is topped with powerful lyrical content. The piece clocks in at 3:51 minutes, during which the American rapper gets out of his comfort zone and takes listeners through a journey.

Aside from his latest single, Chief Moquiuix has dropped other bangers as well including “Buenoz Diaz,” “Vagos,” and “Radicalism.”

The San Diego artist explains how music can connect people from different parts of the world, surpassing any geographical distance. 

He adds: “Music is a universal language of the souls. Almost a form of telepathy.”

Fun fact – Chief Moquiuix recently entered a contest for the opening act at Audacy’s (formally known as’s) Yearly Hollywood Bowl concert. Voting starts in 4 days! To learn more about it, make sure to check out the official website.

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