A fun guitar always catches my attention for any feel-good tune followed by some alternative synths I was intrigued by a kid named rufus’ latest track “tryhard”. Based on my listening through rufus’ catalog, they enjoy experimental production and play with electronic sounds, and acoustic instrumentation, all melding into an alt-pop sound. I would compare their style to the likes of Jon Bellion’s hit album “The Human Condition”, this is such a niche pocket of the pop genre and Rufus is bringing a modern approach to the forefront. 

After finding success with their debut EP “graduation” in 2021 I’m excited to see what Rufus has in store for this year. They’ve taken inspiration from artists such as Weezer, Dayglow, and Mac Demarco resulting in amazing tunes for your playlist of bedroom pop favs. This latest track “tryhard” is very relevant for those in Rufus’ peer group, the feeling of moving somewhere new, becoming responsible for yourself, and immersing into an entirely new environment. Whether you’re moving across the world like Rufus or into your college town a few hundred miles away, this song captures that experience and makes you feel a little less alone. 

The song is freeing, its core message being / you don’t have to try hard /. Detailing all of the craziness and stressors that are occurring in their life, while still reassuring you that everything will be okay, just let it go. It has all the coming-of-age energy that every young adult feels at the core transitional moments in their life trying to understand their identity or path. 

No matter what you have going on, Rufus has something for you to escape with. Their music is something you can put on in any chilled-out scenario and get lost in the lyrics. “Tryhard” is definitely worth the listen, but there is plenty more for you to discover in their growing catalog.