Whilst the pandemic was a terrible time for a lot of people, for Aaron Smith it was just the reset he needed to help him realign his focus and remove the negative things surrounding his rise in the music industry. He worked on his happiness finding joy in the mundane things surrounding his house, be it cooking meals or spending quality time with his loved ones, the artist felt at ease once again. As the world begins to reconnect again the young musician is coming out from isolation and embracing music once again, ready to share the happiness he’s achieved with the world and help bring that extra bit of sunshine to us all on days where it’s completely overcast

A burgeoning summer anthem in the making, You is about escaping social anxiety to be with your boo. The gossamer production is scorching hot with a funk driven beat that’s perfect for long car-rides down the coast and the tropical melodies make you want to dance like nobody is watch, all whilst his sunkissed vocal glides over it all. It’s truly a sublime summer bop that is as sweltering as the summer months can be, and then you’ve got the tongue in cheek music video that’s poking fun at TikTok’s current vice like grip on the music industry. Aaron is clearly a force to be reckoned with in music, using uplifting soundscapes to contrast his introspective lyrics, you’ll always manage to find something that makes you connect with his sonic world.