We all like to imagine ourselves as someone who can bring beauty to the lives of others in their most joyous moments, and their most desolate. The comparison between this and a florist isn’t something I’d necessarily think of, but the multi-talented songwriter Abby Sage has made it something I will be continuously thinking about for weeks on end. Known for her creative lyrics and poignant brand of storytelling, Sage continues to spellbind us with her pillowy production and celestial vocal performance in the soulful delight The Florist.

Dissecting the character of The Florist, we pull back the curtain to enter their mind and see how this all came to be. Through poetic lyrics worthy of a Pulitzer Prize, Sage paints a vivid image through a hazy soundscape of her journey, the reasons why she wants to make people feel so good and we get a deeper understanding of her psyche as a result. The stripped back production, comprised of a skittering drumbeat and languid guitar riffs, lets the story take centre stage and makes us sit on the edge of our seat as we watch it all unfold. Abby Sage continues to blossom as her music continues to shine.