We’ve all had that moment when we realise that we’re falling in love with someone. It’s a tale as old as time and now has a song as old as rhyme with Agi capturing that feeling and putting it into a single that’s designed for us to swoon over. The subtleties of romance are divulged with green velvet (demo), an elegant acoustic guitar driven single that doesn’t require any big bells or whistles to make an impact. Instead Agi’s angelic vocal gracefully lilts an array of heartfelt lyrics, swiftly making an impact on you with the emotional weight they carry all whilst crafting a story that is undeniably relatable. Each word she croons feels like it could’ve come straight out of anyones mouth, that anyone could be experiencing the feelings she’s going through because this is such a universal experience. She hasn’t crafted the track for one or two people, she’s made it for all of us who’ve fallen head over heels for someone and don’t know what we’re meant to do next.

The singles from the Leeds based artist serves as our formal reintroduction to her halcyon melodies and natural talent to weave a lyrical tale. If you haven’t to her discography yet I highly implore that’s the first thing you do today.