Channelling an early 2000’s indie nostalgia reminiscent of Vampire Weekend colliding with The Drums, the Silver Spring based artist Ajola crafts music that could come straight out of any art house coming of age movie. His music perfectly reflects the idea of adolescent self discovery, which makes a lot of sense considering he himself is still uncovering what land his sonic musings will fit in and how it will translate to his other work. You can see this in Ain’t Nobody as he takes the iconic nostalgia of the early 2000’s brand of indie, throws in a dash of psychedelia reminiscent of Tame Impala during their beginning and combines that all together with a DIY bedroom pop aesthetic. He doesn’t stick to one area of music, instead creating a smorgasbord where he’s able to eat all the sonic delights his palette adores to create something rather tantalising and has ridiculously high replay value. Especially when you reach the climax, honestly the build up in that moment will make you want to run down a pier laughing to your hearts content and you leap off into the water.

I highly recommend diving into Ajola’s music, before the we rang in the new year he dropped his debut EP Why Can’t I Be You because it sees him elevate his sound even further. It’s a vibe filled treat we can all blast on repeat.