The urban artist from Long Island Aku reveals an outstandingly remarkable new hit track “rose gold in paris town.” The artist did not stop there, the song was matched with an equally enticing music video that just added intrigue to the mix.

It is disoriented, odd, and inviting. From the start, the instruments grab your attention as the image of a girl grasps your interest. It gives off a somewhat 80s french feel, where all the elements shine through with every turn. The imagery continues to raise some serious interest. From manga to vampire teeth, skateboarding, and more, this music video will leave you with more questions than you started.

The artist has released plenty of hit tracks that have garnered him a rather reputable name in the industry. The visuals are true to form an oddity to his image.

The harmonious union between the rap verses, calming instrumentals, and unusual visuals make for the perfect track to pop in.

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