Alicia Walter’s music is pure sonic joy. Seriously, every track she drops has this ability to turn even the sourest of grapes in sweet delectable delights, turning our frown upside down, heck if they played her track Standing at Your Doorstep at the start of The Grinch his heart might’ve grown three sizes from this alone. It’s truly a triumph with a glorious string section akin to Clean Bandit providing a wondrous summer feel amidst an array of glistening cymbals that crash together in a moment of whimsical joy and even a bit of funk thrown in there to make it all the more danceable. There’s even a dance-break towards the end that makes you want to leap up and dance like no one in the world is watching, I genuinely began jamming to this on the tube and was having the time of my life! The elation she brings in her vibrant soundscape is hard to ignore. Her commanding vocal with her distinct tone is filled with unrivalled amounts of personality and is dripping with charisma, giving off a euphoric energy that turns any gloomy day into a summer paradise. Then you’ve got the hook, you’ll be belting this out word for the word after one listen as the intoxicating melody wriggles its way into your head and refuses to leave. You might wanna get used to that new tenant in your skull.

The cherry on top is the music video, it’s an utterly joyous affair that perfectly represents the track. Shot through a nostalgic lens, the video is like something out of an early 80’s musical where everyone is launched into a jubilant dance party that’s hard not to love. If you love this then I highly recommend checking out her debut album I Am Alicia because it is simply electric from start to finish.