Ever since her debut back in 2021 the Brazilian musician Alissic has continuously evolved her soundscape. Never one to walk the well trodden path, she instead ventures off into new territories where she’s able to experiment, create new ideas and blaze a trail that fans of her will one day be able to walk with her. She’s an individualist. Each track sounds the different to the last but still fits underneath her creative umbrella, from the quirky melodies and her celestial voice to the titillating lyrics and absurdly chaotic visuals, she leaves no stone unturned. So don’t be surprised when you listen to her latest drop and are utterly fascinated by her craft.

Bugfood falls into the hyperpop / PC music landscape, with warped electronics with a sugary sweet undertone buoyantly bouncing around the soundscape with a strategic erratic nature, and a undulating vocal harmoniously crashing into them. However, what makes Alissic’s take on this genre so whimsically enchanting is that this could be in any Disney princess movie. The effervescent electronics paint vivid images of a magical forest whilst having enough grit behind them through her zealous vocal to make you realise that all is not what it seems. It’s good, it’s evil, it’s light, it’s dark, it’s a contrasting mix of swirling emotions that has unbelievably high replay value. Alissic, timeless music for the digital age.

“This is a song about death, but more so resurrection of something we have forgotten. It’s something I have been yearning to sing about and face. We all have the potential to dig deep and find the creatures we once were. To find the bones to change ourselves and the world. to flesh ourselves out, find our breath, our truths.”