Being a sonic fusion of the Deftones meeting My Chemical Romance in a collaboration with Lil Peep during the 90’s era of alternative rock, Ally Nicholas knows how to push the boundaries of her sound and create music that sheds light on difficult situations we don’t often discuss. Tackling tough subject matters head on, she channels the darkness of these moments into her music to create vivid landscapes of ominous alternative pop rock filled to the brim with explosive emotion that packs a punch stronger than that of Deontay Wilder. Every note she utters has this innate swagger about it, she’s confident in everything she does with her voice. She’s able to go from a whisper like tone that brings us into her intimate headspace to a cacophony of madness where her voice belts out notes like a prime rock icon of the 90’s, an effortless shift that allows her to showcase the whole spectrum of human emotion.

Bullets starts off with an intimate melody, the silence of the production is deafening as her lilting vocal dances across the quiet melodies but that’s just a ticking time bomb for the cathartic explosion that is about to commence in the chorus. Tick, tick BOOM! A cacophony of raw electric guitars erupt into action as her vocal goes from a hushed sound to one brimming with anger and passion that is palpable to all that hear it. Her lyrics dealing with mental illness whilst being in a relationship pierce through the noise to make a deep connection with her listeners, equating their own experiences to her authentically real narrative. It’s alternative rock with a 90’s Nirvana like edge that has me listening to this on repeat.