The intricacies of altopalo’s sound is something consistently admire when I find myself in their sonic landscape. The little ornate nuances they place with craftsman like care within their Daedalian soundscape helps elevate the experience, even if you don’t necessarily notice it on first listen. As time goes on you begin to slowly put the pieces together, noticing the understated grandiose details that make their music so enrapturing and get a new found appreciation for the care and craft that goes into their production. All of that can be said once again today with the release of their collaboration with Bartees Strange titled love that 4 u.

Amusingly, the title phrase has become somewhat of a meme in British culture but it weirdly correlates to the vibe the track gives off. You calmly say it to a close friend who’s been doing you dirty for far too long, you kick open the door of your flat in the dead of night and confidently strut out with a badass attitude as this track begins to play. It calmly opens with a whimsical guitar riff before transitioning into a piece with a mammoth bassline and prodigious strings that makes you feel colossal compared to those around you. The vocals contrast this energy, going for a more understated approach as they gently croon the intimate lyrical display that expresses your pain and new found confidence. Altopalo and Bartees Strange, two individualist artists who’ve come together in a euphonic eruption.