As technology has advanced we’ve slowly begun to become less present in moments that are truly magical, for example going to fireworks show and see crowd of people raise their phones to record it all knowing they’ll never look at it again and disconnecting themselves from this gorgeous reality. It’s become a widespread issue among all generations that has lead us to miss some of the utterly gorgeous moments of life and it’s exactly this that inspired the Mexican-Dominican musician Ambar Lucid in her latest poignant single HEAD DOWN.

“I wanted to write a song about the importance of being present,” the 19 year old songwriter begins to explain. “Many people, including myself, can distract themselves by getting lost in whatever it is they do on their phones. We may miss the messages the universe is trying to communicate with us. I wanted to express the eerie feeling when I choose to snap out of dissociating. Everyone feels so far away because of the distance constantly being on a phone has created. It’s a reminder to put your phone down and examine the things around you.”

Introspective lyricisms lead the track with a belting chorus hook of, “The universe is screaming in desperate of need of feeling the love,” being one of the strongest pieces of writing I’ve heard in 2020 so far. Her soul-stirring vocals gives a rapturous performance with undeniable amounts of passion that makes the emotion of the piece come cascading down upon you with a tsunami like force. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an musician who delivers the same unequivocal amounts of artistry and culture within her music like Ambar Lucid, she’s a once in a generation talent.