Ever since stumbling across For Your Eyes last year anotherboy has remained a firm hyper pop favourite of mine. The young artist has this charming aura that surrounds every element of his soundscape, making it feel like you’re sitting down having a conversation with an old friend as we slowly begin to catchup. She Likes (The Way I Fall) is an example of this conversational brand of storytelling, going from melancholy acoustic guitar riffs to a expressive eruption of endless emotion, perfectly reflecting his initial nerves before he feels comfortable showing his true feelings. Being a mish-mash of The 1975’s retro styled electronics and pop rock ballads early 2000’s British bands like Busted and McFly, this is another single showcasing how he’s not afraid to give countless genres his own unique spin. Include his evocative lyrics covering the emotional deceit he’s experienced and you’ve got another example of why he should be a permanent resident on all of your playlists.

With this being his first entry into 2021, I have no doubt in my mind that anotherboy is going to continuously elevate his talent and, by the end of the year, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people humming along to his intoxicating melodies. Dive in head first and let his music consume you.