If you’ve watched a lot of videos from rising UK rappers you’ll often see them do the same type of video; they’re out late at night, in the middle of a city with their friends and rapping straight into the camera. AntsLive differs however. After seeing hundreds of these videos appear on his timeline, he wanted to create something that was different, something that made him stand out like a diamond surrounded by gold. That’s when Tom Emmerson entered the fray, crafting out a striking vision of the rapper in the Italian Alps, riding horses, crouching between alp horn players, and hanging off the side of a firetruck as it rides up the mountain. Safe to say, AntsLive was sold, and what we got was a contender for one of the best music videos of the year.

That’s only half the story however, because Number One Candidate is an astonishingly brilliant track too from this rising star. The grandeur emanating from the triumphant brass section makes this perfect for blasting out when your team have won the North London Derby. His fiery raps are fired out at a rapid pace, confidence exuding out of them that’s matched by the bravado energy AntsLive delivers. If I had to describe this track with one word it would be brazen, bold and without a hint of shame.