Soundcloud’s hyperpop scene is becoming one of the most exciting things around right now with countless young artists flexing their creative muscles through the genre. Ranging from explosive bangers of crashing electronics mixed with distorted vocals that vibrantly dance across a glitched out soundscape, all the way to more introspective emotive singles that focus on the subtle approach, using warped vocal and somber electronics in mesmerising fashion. One artist who’s proven they’re a master of both is 16 year old anvii who looks at the genre through an alternative lens, retelling emotive stories from their past in an expressive format that’s akin to detailing your own suffering through a journal. You dive into their discography and you view the world through their eyes as their evocative imagery creates sonic portraits of them self during these moment before we witness their growth. It’s akin to the metamorphosis of a butterfly, we see anvii wrap themselves up in their own suffering as they heal before emerging as a new majestic being. That’s this Long Island native’s sound in a nutshell and their latest release is this times 10.

Enlisting the help of the ethereal songstress joss lockwood, who’s vocal is a celestial being in itself, anvii creates the hyperpop equivalent of Goyte’s infamous single Somebody That I Used To Know. We see both sides of the coin in till it all falls apart, going from visions of what life could’ve been together, “I dreamt too much bout what my life could’ve been,” to the remorse of past decisions and the errors that lead to their downfall, “regret my decisions but maybe there’s time to start brand new.” It’s like you’re a couples therapist watching these two confess their feeling about the aftermath of the relationship breaking down, seeing how much they want to be together whilst being too afraid of them feeling this pain again. It’s intimate, heartbreaking and beautifully raw, delivering devastating blow after devastating blow, this is an emotional powerhouse performance from both artists who continue to show their class and passion for their craft.