Ariel Marie is making waves with her latest single, “Just This Way.” At 18, she’s already showing a depth of talent that belies her age, balancing a promising music career with her studies in music business at NYU. With influences like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, Ariel brings a fresh yet classic vibe to the contemporary folk scene.

“Just This Way” is a song about self-acceptance and resilience. It opens with the striking line, “You don’t have to like it but I am just this way,” immediately drawing listeners into an introspective and honest journey. The chorus, featuring the memorable hook “Heart of gold, mind of old,” perfectly captures Ariel‘s reflective nature and mature perspective.

Instrumentally, “Just This Way” showcases Ariel‘s skill with both guitar and banjo. The minimalist arrangement allows her heartfelt lyrics to shine, and the clean production highlights her hands-on approach to every aspect of her music, from writing to recording.

Prior to this release, Ariel Marie’s single “Cousin of the King” helped her establish a dedicated fan base. This track stood out for its compelling storytelling and catchy melodies. “Cousin of the King” showcased Ariel’s knack for literary depth and narrative songwriting, traits that have become her signature.

Ariel’s music often explores themes of nature, love, and personal growth, infused with literary allusions that add layers of meaning to her work. Her authenticity and the genuine emotion in her music resonate with listeners, making her songs both relatable and deeply moving.

As Ariel continues to grow as an artist, “Just This Way” marks a significant milestone. It’s a song that not only highlights her evolving songwriting skills but also her dedication to creating music that speaks to the human experience. Each release sees Ariel blending her traditional folk influences with a modern sensibility, making her a unique voice in the music industry.

To sum up, Ariel Marie‘s “Just This Way” is a powerful addition to her growing discography. With her talent, hard work, and dedication to her craft, Ariel Marie is set for a bright future in the music world.

Ariel’s latest is available now: