Artemas might call himself a wannabe pop star but the reality is he’s on his way to becoming phenomenon. If you haven’t heard the young British artist yet then you’ve truly been missing out. With each drop sound better than the last, its become clear as day that he holds more talent in his pinky finger than I could ever wish to possess, seriously have you listened to his discography? It’s one of those rare cases where there are truly no skips, you could listen to it on repeat for weeks on end and never find a single that’s boring or doesn’t have some form of nuance that has you noticing little things you’d never even thought about before. Now he’s treating us to another distinctly Artemas delight as he reintroduces himself us again and begins to enter his new era.

Hello Again, the perfect title for this opening gambit as it opens with a brief thunderous applause, something I’m sure all his fans were doing when this dropped, before swiftly entering his new sonic realm. A mish-mash collection of indie pop hooks, alternative melodies and a subtle ragtime vibe coming through the production, he doesn’t obey the usual genre conventions and instead plays by his own set of rules. The melancholia of his voice is contrasted by the energetic nature of the production, juxtaposing each other in an eruption of chemistry that’s saudade in its simplicity. Personal to his own life experience whilst still harbouring a connection almost anyone can feel, Artemas is a shining light in the UK’s music scene.