Slightly Stoopid & B-Real “Everyday People (Remix)”

Slightly Stoopid has just dropped their new “Everyday People (Headhunter Remix)” which features a guest verses from hip-hop legend B-Real of Cypress Hill, and long time collaborator G. Love. The track is available on all digital streaming platforms, press play and enjoy!

The track was produced by Miguel Happoldt & George Spits and has a jazz/funk vibe.  The foundation of the remix is built upon a drum sample, can you guess which artist? Elevated by B-Real’s (of Cypress Hill) fresh bars and coupled with G. Love’s original lyrics, the remix is easy on the ears and perfect for any beachside occasaion.

Here’s what Miles Doughty (of Slightly Stoopid) had to say about the new track:

“I think for us, at the point we are at in our lives; all of us have kids, and we’ve been touring for so long and seen so much, I think all of it is reflected in the new record (Everyday Life, Everyday People) and relates to everyone.”

For nearly 3 decades, Slightly Stoopid continues to be a musical brotherhood that always welcomes guest musicians and the art of collaboration. Founded by Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald, two musicians determined to succeed on their own terms, they had created a multi-genre fusion of rock, reggae and blues with hip-hop, funk, American folk, metal, and punk. They remain unwavering in their principles of independence, honoring their diversity of influences and mentors, and furthering their inherited legacy of the Southern California sound.

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