To an outsider, Babebee’s sound might sound disjointed, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They’ve always had a knack from providing a clear ambience for their storytelling. Raw guitar feature in moments of explosive emotional frustration, whimsical electronics buoyantly bounce for moments of sweet euphoria, ambient melodies appear for moments of reflection, you get the idea. They use all the powers in their disposal to form the soundtrack for their narrative that could become a feature length movie. That becomes evident thanks to tainted in our memories.

It’s a project of two halves, the first one being about their relationship with themselves and others, the second one focusing on their addictions, trauma, and figuring out how to move forward to find comfort within themselves again. The open two tracks get us in the right headspace, hate me & stranded could’ve been torn straight from their diary with their voice becoming a vessel for their most intimate thoughts. Alone continues with with the warped Y2K influenced electronics clashing with the thumping synths, melting together in a holy cacophony that represents the chaotic temperament of their mind.

The revelation is sunset blvd, the standout single that see their pain unleashed in one minute and 46 seconds of uninterrupted angst. Going from an angry quiet into a rebel yell as the frenzied guitars erupt with a vengeance in the explosive finale of this track. The latter two tracks blame and tainted see Babebee enter a space where they’re moving forward. Their trauma still with them but is fading into the background, they appear on their skin like scars but become a distant memory as opposed to a forever constant.

We first discovered Babebee back in April of 2022, since then they’ve been on an upward journey that’s been a joy to watch. This project is their crowning achievement and I’m sure it won’t be long til we see them top it.