Hailing from Nottingham, BEKA left us utterly captivated by her debut single I’ll Be There, it oozed heartfelt emotion that channeled the legends of old like Stevie Wonder whilst giving us a thought provoking message that stayed with us long after the track had finished playing. Her atmospheric pop sound is utterly lush with calming melodies that slowly wrap around you in a warm embrace that allows the emotion she delivers through her poignant lyricisms to take over and have you reaching for the tissues. Right now BEKA is the best thing to come out of the Nottingham music scene since London Grammar and her follow up track is helping get that message across more than ever.

Collaborating with past touring mates HONNE, the follow up single More Than Friends was made for late night drives with her ethereal vocals laying the foundation for a classic pop track with and 80’s Hollywood movie soundtrack styled production filled with scintillating synths that elevates BEKA’s sound to new heights. Brimming with nostalgia the intertwining vocals tell a story of the butterflies that come from starting a new relationship that makes you fell all warm and fuzzy inside as your own lovelorn memories wash over you. BEKA is one of my favourite musicians to come out of 2020 and in 2021 she looks likely to breakout and become a true star.

Speaking about the track BEKA explains that, “More than Friends started after thinking back to being 18 and telling someone I’d made a mistake and wanted to be more than friends. We wanted to capture the nostalgia of being young, taking a risk and saying what you really feel. It’s that nervous moment with someone, the memories of nights spent losing track of time, feeling feelings for the first time, hearing feelings for the first time, taking a risk in love. It’s that road trip that you take that ends in you saying how you feel. It’s the electricity of holding a hand for the first time, it’s feeling the warm air of somebody’s breath on your face, it’s suddenly being conscious of yourself with your best friend. We wanted to capture the tension of both sides of the story. More than Friends is the moment we risk as teenagers and long for as adults.”