Juxtaposing rough industrial tones in the verses with a harmonious timbre during the chorus, Bensbeendead. showcases his dreamy blend of varying soundscapes in his latest release French Exit. Airy synths gently rise as they elevate the timbre of Ben’s vocal, making his heavenly falsetto pierce through you as he croons a beautiful array of heartfelt lyrics that cut through you like a knife going into a wedding cake. Soon his vocal intertwines with Eva Honey’s, marrying the two together in a melancholic ceremony that sees the palpable emotion pack an almighty punch as we witness the story unfold before us. Having us on the edge of our seat like the next thrilling episode a ‘will they won’t they’ TV show (Ross & Rachel anyone?), we become hooked on the narrative in a heartbeat. We see ourselves within the story and soon akin the heart-wrenching lyrics to our own situations, both past and present, leaving us in a puddle of our own tears by the timely conclusion of the track.

Bensbeendead. knows how to write duets, every time he’s dropped one they’ve stolen the show and had us putting him on a pedestal and today is no exception. Eva Honey and him form a dynamic twosome that has me floored and begging for more.

“FRENCH EXIT” is a standout on this record for me because every moment is constantly evolving. I purposefully created contrast between the rough and industrial tones found in the verses to the resolved chords and melody in the chorus. In the bridge, Eva’s voice brings an undeniably distinctive element to the instrumentation and the harmonies in the final chorus end the song on an anthemic high note. Altogether, this song is a well suited climax in the middle of a record that becomes revealingly darker through to the end”