Transforming your own visceral pain into gut-wrenching music, with lyrics that pierce through your heart and make you question your own being is a skill many artists seeks to master within their craft. You’ve got to find a balance between making a powerful emotional connection with your audience through your evocative storytelling without going off the deep end into theatrical territory, making your tale seem less sincere. Benson Boone knows this and has crafted this art to a tee, with his brand of intimate storytelling through heart-on-sleeve lyrics becoming something his fans have become enamoured by. So we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s continued to move people with his spellbinding sonic landscape in Better Alone.

Sometimes it’s better to be alone, we spend so much time wanting to find a connection with someone we never see the beauty in being alone and loving ourselves. Boone expresses this eloquently through his diary-entry lyrics, portraying the torment of the aftermath of a relationship and realising that he’s better off alone… for the time being. His high flying voice packs an almighty emotional punch, knocking you out instantly, all whilst his production goes from intimate melodies to a grandiose finale worthy of an Adele track. Benson Boone is on the rise and it’s clear to see why.

“I wrote this song about people who have relationship struggles, we all experience it from time to time. Sometimes, when things aren’t working out it truly is better to be alone. Loving someone is so important but being independent and loving yourself is equally important.”