Right now Britain’s music scene is one of the strongest in the world, hundreds of artists have been coming out in force with compelling sounds that break the mould and create narratives that many musicians have never ventured towards before. It’s becoming increasingly difficult too stand out in this scene but Beren Olivia makes it seem like child’s play as within 2020 the artist’s eclectic pop sound as seen her go from 0 streams to over 750,000 with her music striking a chord with a new generation of music lovers that has gained her a fanbase that is as loyal as an orchestra to a conductor’s baton.

Recently she unveiled Read My Mind, a coruscating pop track with an alternative kicks that makes it a budding stadium anthem in the making, it’s best described as Halsey’s vocals meets Avril Lavigne’s thriving production. It opens with spaced out synths melodies that create somber atmosphere before launching into the frenzied that raises the emotion to new heights that rivals that of the Empire State Building as her lyrics discus the lines she repeats in her head before struggling to get the words out for herself. This is a feverishly brilliant pop track that is as enormous as the whole that’s left within her heart, pure pop brilliance.

“The idea for this song was sparked by a quote in one of my favourite films: ‘I thought of a million things to say to you on the plane and now I can’t remember a single thing,’” Beren Olivia explains about the song. “That one sentence resonated with me so much. Sometimes I find it so difficult to articulate my thoughts and emotions – especially in those moments when what you desperately need is for that person just to feel things from your perspective – simply put ‘I wish that you could read my mind.’”