You know that voice in our head, the one that consistently keeps doubting your ability, tearing you down when you’re already out for the count, and makes each achievement feel almost worthless? Well… what if it wrote a song? That’s the question that Blake. asked, wondering if he could turn the bombardment of self-hate into something that could provide a cathartic release for the listener. Hearing someone else going through a similar issue might allow them to help themselves in the process.

Cleverly worded to put his feelings across, UNEVEN walks a narrow tightrope between being a morse affair through the myriad of melancholy lyrics, and an explosion of animosity through the production. Like Yin and Yang, the two diverging elements that collide together to perfectly represent the cacophony of noise aggressively pounding through your head. The distorted vocals pack a visceral punch that elevates the lyrics, whilst the warped 808’s and aggressive kick-drum reflects the consistent berating he’s going under on a daily basis. All caused by his own head.

It’s a raw single with hyperpop being the perfect genre to tell this story.