At a young age Blle became fully immersed within the music world, nine times out of 10 during her adolescence you’d find her in her bedroom vibrants pieces of music, recording videos of herself and performing at every venue that would allow her in her home city. As the years went on she began to grow her fanbase and her sound developed into alternative pop greatness that caught the eyes from people at BBC introducing, Radio One and Radio X that played her music heavily. Her coruscating music she created in her bedroom ended up being something thousands of people could hear, she made her voice heard and began her ascent to pop glory.

Keep Repeating is the latest piece in the puzzle her flavoursome vocal with undeniable flair that crisply weaving through the scintillating synths and electronic flourishes that provide the perfect backing for them. Lyrically the piece is about a guy whom she has a rather unhealthy relationship with where she knew it was going to end badly and had to escape before she ended up getting hurt and the subtle pain in her voice mixed with the empowering nature they offer reflects this perfectly. Blle is rising up the pop ladder and looks like she could well become someone who everyone in the UK knows the name of.