We’ve all had grievances we’ve experienced in the work place. You know, the ones where you’re made to feel worthless compared to those around you and, sooner that you expect, it becomes a recurring thing where wherever you go you hear that voice telling you you’re not good enough. Whilst most of us would allow this to ruminate in our mind indefinitely, blondestandard has another idea. After becoming accustomed to the male-gaze of the music industry, with countless men failing to take her artistry seriously, she decided enough was enough and channeled her unfiltered frenzy of incandescent thoughts into her songwriting. Soon, she had an expressive single that took a nuanced approach to the subject matter and decided it was time to leave her artistic footprint on the industry with it becoming her debut single.

BLUE EYES offers a marvellous juxtaposition straight from the off, opening with romanticised production of hypnotic melodies that could easily soundtrack anyones early stages of infatuation. However, under the surface you soon see the lyric beguiling us with a tale of masquerading mistrust where a man with crystal blue eyes has charismatic and calming personality… that is until they’re ready to belittle you at any point and make your artistry feel like nothing. This isn’t just her debut, it’s a statement of intent as she makes it clear she knows her worth and isn’t willing to settle for anything less in this industry. With stellar hooks and a scintillating vocal tying it all together, blondestandard is setting the standard.