Blue Lupin has a way with words that’s best described as poetry in motion. Her intimate musings are beautifully human at their core, finding common ground between the listener and the musician to help form an inseparable bond between the two. She becomes our therapist, helping us heal through unfiltered lyrics portraying her fears, anxieties, and takes on modern living. We insert ourselves into the soundscape, finding ourselves within the musings because she could write it better than we ever felt it.

Being created through the hellish landscape of the start of 2020’s lockdown, Sleep On It is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that require no bells and whistles to captivate the listener. The intoxicating blend of thoughtful shoegaze and reverb-drenched dreampop shines a light on her ethereal vocal, taking hold of you as the story progresses. You see how they perceive the world, how they witness people excelling in life in a way they can’t fathom, making them feel inferior to their superiority, but that’s not the case. Their confusion comes through elegantly as the piece enters the final stage where a cacophony of instruments crash together, representing that chaotic rampant nature of her thoughts. Ending on a high that can’t be matched.

Sleep On It was the first song I wrote as Blue Lupin, right at the start of lockdown. It felt like a scary and unknown time and everyone was baking bread and getting fit and it felt like we were all in a race to be productive or do some sort of self improvement. I felt like I didn’t know where to start. The chorus is about being an introvert in a relationship with an extrovert, so the two halves of the chorus show that contrast. The outro brings it back to the confusion and comparison: sometimes it can feel like other people can do things or deal with things in a superhuman way, like breathing underwater or seeing in the dark, and you get confused about why you can’t seem to do life the way that they do.